Spring/Summer Collection ’17

Looking at this collection, I feel slightly nostalgic. This collection has been in motion for a full year and I am so excited to share it with you. Every single piece that is a part of this collection has been tested in full both by myself and others close to me to ensure that each garment is perfected as much as possible in both style, design, and fit.

The color palette chosen for this collection was really inspired by the idea of beginning a sustainable wardrobe, both for myself and others. I started out simply with black and white, really trying to hone in on necessary pieces that you could wear at anytime, anywhere, and with most of what is already hanging in your wardrobe.

The fibers we chose for each piece were carefully tested and tried to ensure that the fabrics used were beautiful and soft to the touch, but also extremely durable.

Once our black and white pieces were settled and felt meaningful hanging in my own wardrobe, our knit dress, navy blue coat, and the rest, quickly fell into place.

Once again, I’m so excited to share all of my designs with you all and thank you for all your support! At the insistence of a few friends close to me, I decided to allow a friend to shoot me in two of my favorite outfits of the SS17 Collection. Of course the all white outfit won’t be worn until this Michigan weather warms up, but I am counting down the days until it does!

To shop the SS17 Collection click here. These photos will also be displayed here.


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