Our Company:

Toile and Stripes is a company that is founded on the hope for wardrobes full of hand-made, long-lasting sustainable clothes. We desire to inspire a wardrobe full of class, elegance and sophistication and longevity.

Each and every garment is designed with the idea that we are all different shapes, sizes and we all occupy different occupations, whether it be taking care of four children full-time at home to running a self-created business–or maybe both! Our collections are designed specifically to create a mini wardrobe in just one collection–very “capsule” inspired! Our colors are chosen specifically to go with the items that you already love and are hanging up at home, and the other items in the collection so that each and every garment is consistent and cohesive. The collections and pieces that we design, cut, sew and sell (all in Leelanau County) are basic foundations for any wardrobe and are meant to be worn and loved through all seasons.

Our philosophy at Toile and Stripes is to create a wardrobe for you made from the most natural of fibers so that when worn and washed, it only gets better. Our collections are filled with linen, silk, wool, cotton and 100% bamboo recycled fabric.

We hope to be filling your wardrobe with many hand-made garments that will offer you comfort and style.



Abigail Foster:


Abigail is a self-taught designer living and working in Leelanau County, Michigan. She started Toile and Stripes in 2016 to create a new basic and foundational wardrobe for women while working with sustainable and long-lasting fibers in order to discourage wasteful and
fruitless purchases. She draws her inspiration from the strong women around her, their desires for easy-to-wear-but-still-look-fabulous-clothes, and the tried and true silhouettes that have lasted through the decades.


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