November is here.

We can’t believe it’s November, can you?

It feels like just yesterday I was sitting outside soaking up the sun! This November T&S has a lot going on! First and foremost, our Newsletter will be picking up! More special content for you all! If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the content we have coming up, subscribe to our newsletter (sign up at the bottom of our website) and receive a reminder when we have some new special stuff for you to peruse!

Again (in case you missed my Instagram video from a while ago), I want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who came to support T&S at the Old Art Building Fiber Festival! We had such an amazing time! We had great conversations about styling, fiber, clothing, and so much more!

The next event we have coming up is the Traverse City Shop n’ Sip on November 24th. Make sure you mark your calendars because not only will we have garments from our current collection (which you are all allowed to come try on!) but we will also have some very special one-of-a-kind garments that will not be available to everyone. Make sure to check out our Instagram to see some sneak peeks later this week.

October best seller!

Special things for this month…

I have my eye on a few things this month. I am starting off this month reading this fantastic post on This Hand Makes, which is a blog that focuses on local artists and makers in Northern Michigan. This post is all about the rituals of a few makers during the fall and winter months. I was asked to add a few rituals of my own so go check it out!

The second thing I am keeping my eye on is Megan Gilger’s, from The Fresh Exchange, month of gratitude. Every day, for the entire month, she will be sharing something she is grateful for and this is so inspiring! Follow her on Instagram or join her during this month by adding the hashtag “#amonthofgratitude“.

Have a wonderful month, everyone!





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