Fall&Winter 2019 Collection

Putting together this cold weather collection was exhilarating. This collection is a reflection of what I wish to wear and see during the colder months. I want the grays, blues, and greens that I see reflected in the world around us as the seasons change.

I reached for easy to wear colors with our wools and one very fun and slightly vintage canvas print that suits all ages.

I very much leaned into lines and curves in my garments that added sophistication and an ease that felt cool and effortless–but not trendy. I wanted to offer pieces that were easy to layer without becoming bulky or making you feel overwhelmed.

Making the decision to universally use almost all brass hardware was not an easy decision–but I feel that it adds a touch of chic and a dash of “utility”.

While holding onto the inspiration of remaining minimalist, many of the accents of the collection where inspired greatly by the twenties. If you look closely you’ll see dashes of menswear, tuxedo bibs, French cuffs, and overdrawn lapels throughout the collection.

To balance the menswear many of the other garments hold very feminine lines. Our Gwyneth Vest Top and Gwyneth Dress are some of the most feminine inspired garments we’ve ever produced. I also added hints of provincial rustic elements to keep the collection very friendly to our Northern Michigan aesthetic.

This collection makes me feel whimsical and feminine but also strong. I took great care when designing the collection to pay special attention to the small details–the top-stitching, pockets and collars. I really feel that it’s the little things that are what make a garment what it is three, four or even five years down the road.

I had an amazing time working with such an incredible team! For those of who have followed along on Instagram, and have followed us here online for our past few collections, know that the talented Meg Simpson has been our photographer for our last three collections and I am so happy that she has been able to not only shoot the collection, but stage everything!

Our launch will begin September 30th at noon! We will be staggering the launch of the collection in order to give you time to really look at everything. We are also splitting up some of the different colorways for cataloging purposes (for example there will be a Fall Kat Pant and a Winter Kat Pant–it is the same pant just offered in different weights of fibers).

Can’t wait to share this collection with all of you!

This space we used for the shoot is a wonderful and relaxing Airbnb! Links are below!

Listed below are all the people who helped make this shoot happen!

Photography: Meg Simpson Photography

Models: Madeline Zamarron, Morgan Leigh Kelsey, and Greta Bell Campo

Property: Rustic Modern Studio, Artistic Studio, Platform Tent.

Jewelry: Kelsey Grape

Flowers: Madeline Zamarron


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