Fall/Winter 2017 Collection…

This collection was designed for the intention of simplifying cold weather everyday-wear. I find my own closet to be lacking in basic, foundational cold weather garments. The type of garments that are in no need of extra layering, but can simply be worn on their own or paired with the basics already in your wardrobe to create a simple yet sophisticated and complete outfit.

I had goals for this collection to be filled with not only silhouettes that are classic, purposeful, and functional but also fibers and fabrics that were sustainable and that would actually keep you warm during those cold winter days. 

My first step in beginning to brainstorm this collection was to analyze the spring and summer collection to see what I wanted to “winterize”. There were many pieces from this past spring and summer that became staples for me and were worn multiple times a week! 

Once a bare structure of silhouettes (tops, bottoms, dresses) was formed I began my search for special fibers. I didn’t want to use the same old fabrics that everyone  wears every fall and winter (except wool because you can’t escape the wonderfulness of wool, right?). I wanted to find fabrics that were going to last and feel amazing against the skin.

And thus the research began. 

I ordered sample after sample after sample. Yardage after yardage. I tested, washed, wore, washed again, wore again and re-patterned. I came across a lot of amazing fabrics.

Pairing the fabrics with the design was slightly difficult but I am very happy with the end result.

This collection contains cotton canvas, a super durable and tough fabric that is wind-resistant and very sleek looking-even though after a long day it wrinkles. We also are carrying cotton twill, ivory raw silk, and a American made wool!




In this collection you will find easy to style basics that will pair beautifully with what you already have hanging in your closet. We even included a few beautiful silk Dupioni garments guaranteed to be a hit at any party or get together!





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