A Special Monthly Address…

Hello to all!

I have some interesting news!

So, if you have been following me on Instagram you know I’ve been uploading videos and talking about fabric testing, what I’m working on, etc….Well….I’ve been a little frustrated with it.

There’s so much information on what we are doing (ranging from fabrics we are testing to garments we are testing to what is new on the horizon and sizing-and so on and so forth) and I’ve been getting a lot of messages from you all about how you love the information and you want to know more. I’ve been frustrated with just sharing thirty-some seconds of information when there’s SO much more I want to share with you.

I have decided to begin filming informative videos that we will be sharing each month. Essentially once a month there will be a video published by us that will detail what we are working on as well as sharing fabrics, colors, new designs and there will even be a section of the video with questions that I often get asked.

I’m so excited to be starting this. My hope is that all the videos will be published on the first Monday of every month and we will be starting this beginning in November or December! We will have the video published here on our inspirations page so that everyone can view it!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer and I can’t wait to share more with you!


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