Aurora Cellars Pop-Up Market!

I’ll be at Aurora Cellars on November 25th from 12-5pm selling some beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces! I will have some sleepwear/loungewear sets, a few pieces from our Fall&Winter Collection in new colors and fabrics, and some never seen before garments! Come visit with me! Other artisans will include Meg Simpson Photography, Lucy Lowe Jewelry and Scrambled Lamps!


7788 E Horn Rd, Lake Leelanau, MI 49653

*most items will be discounted not because of leftover stock, but to celebrate the local community supporting local artistry and small businesses. 




Fall/Winter 2017 Collection…

This collection was designed for the intention of simplifying cold weather everyday-wear. I find my own closet to be lacking in basic, foundational cold weather garments. The type of garments that are in no need of extra layering, but can simply be worn on their own or paired with the basics already in your wardrobe to create a simple yet sophisticated and complete outfit.

I had goals for this collection to be filled with not only silhouettes that are classic, purposeful, and functional but also fibers and fabrics that were sustainable and that would actually keep you warm during those cold winter days. 

My first step in beginning to brainstorm this collection was to analyze the spring and summer collection to see what I wanted to “winterize”. There were many pieces from this past spring and summer that became staples for me and were worn multiple times a week! 

Once a bare structure of silhouettes (tops, bottoms, dresses) was formed I began my search for special fibers. I didn’t want to use the same old fabrics that everyone  wears every fall and winter (except wool because you can’t escape the wonderfulness of wool, right?). I wanted to find fabrics that were going to last and feel amazing against the skin.

And thus the research began. 

I ordered sample after sample after sample. Yardage after yardage. I tested, washed, wore, washed again, wore again and re-patterned. I came across a lot of amazing fabrics.

Pairing the fabrics with the design was slightly difficult but I am very happy with the end result.

This collection contains cotton canvas, a super durable and tough fabric that is wind-resistant and very sleek looking-even though after a long day it wrinkles. We also are carrying cotton twill, ivory raw silk, and a American made wool!




In this collection you will find easy to style basics that will pair beautifully with what you already have hanging in your closet. We even included a few beautiful silk Dupioni garments guaranteed to be a hit at any party or get together!





Spring/Summer Collection ’17

Looking at this collection, I feel slightly nostalgic. This collection has been in motion for a full year and I am so excited to share it with you. Every single piece that is a part of this collection has been tested in full both by myself and others close to me to ensure that each garment is perfected as much as possible in both style, design, and fit.

The color palette chosen for this collection was really inspired by the idea of beginning a sustainable wardrobe, both for myself and others. I started out simply with black and white, really trying to hone in on necessary pieces that you could wear at anytime, anywhere, and with most of what is already hanging in your wardrobe.

The fibers we chose for each piece were carefully tested and tried to ensure that the fabrics used were beautiful and soft to the touch, but also extremely durable.

Once our black and white pieces were settled and felt meaningful hanging in my own wardrobe, our knit dress, navy blue coat, and the rest, quickly fell into place.

Once again, I’m so excited to share all of my designs with you all and thank you for all your support! At the insistence of a few friends close to me, I decided to allow a friend to shoot me in two of my favorite outfits of the SS17 Collection. Of course the all white outfit won’t be worn until this Michigan weather warms up, but I am counting down the days until it does!

To shop the SS17 Collection click here. These photos will also be displayed here.


Holiday Collection Inspirations…

Simplicity. Practicality.

This is something that I wanted to achieve with this collection. I wanted to present something that was going to become a cherished piece in your wardrobe. Not something that was only pulled out once a year, or every other year, but a beautiful timeless garment, or garments, that you could pull out of your closet with utter confidence for any special occasion.

When I decided to create a Holiday Collection I immediately knew I wanted it be small and very cohesive while also embodying diversity so as to provide a wide choice of options.


While gathering fabrics, colors, etc. that were helping me center my thoughts on the holidays, I came across one of my mother’s old style books. While it very much embodied the “nineties” (in both hair and female work suits) the core element of the book still rings true today: find your colors, find your style category and work it all to your advantage.

I remember first coming across this book was I was in middle school and falling in love with the little quiz in the first chapter of the book. The quiz was compiled of twenty or so questions about what you wear on an average day concerning colors, fabric patterns, shoes and purses to help you find the style bracket that you fit into.

There were four main style groups that they worked from: classic, modern, sporty and romantic. There are many styles that fall under these four main categories, but it was these four that they choose to use to help you find your foundation wardrobe pieces.

Seeing these four main categories together caused a sensational light bulb to go off and I thought why not do my own interpretation of these four main style groups? Why not design four different dresses inspired by these four styles that are timeless and simple? So I did.

The Antheia dress is my take on a modern-day red dress. It is an easy to wear dress that is tailored to fit somewhat snugly in the bust and then skim the waist and hips. It is versatile in that you may flip it around to either feature a v-neck or a high boat neckline. Side slits keep the dress comfortable. It is a dress that no modern day woman should be without.

The Rhea dress is my interpretation of a romantic style. I’ve always adored the women that can pull off flowy romantic dresses but I wanted to steer clear of frills and attributes that can make a grown woman seem “girly”. This silvery dress is practical/romantic and has a very ethereal vibe. It features a giant cowl that seems to sweep down the entire body and moves beautifully when in motion. Cuffed sleeves slim the arms and the curved hem flatters any leg. This dress is the epitome of comfort.


The Juno dress is my version of sporty wear. It’s collar does most of the talking for itself but I will say this: you will turn heads. This dress has an athletic sleeveless feel but loses no high fashion style in the process of being worn. It is slightly fitted in the bust and roomy everywhere else. It’s collar is interfaced to achieve whatever shape you are going for and navy keeps it timeless.

The Gaia dress is my classic of classics. It is a style that is always in and never out. The silhouette reminds of us of the always fashionable 50’s dresses but now it is made for utter comfort. The dolman sleeves and two-inch elastic waist in the back modernize a tried and true dress style that flatters every figure. The wide full skirt and boat neckline elongate and flatter any height. This is the new LBD.

All the dresses in this Holiday Collection are unlined to keep with seasonal wear. I wanted nothing between you and your new silk, but if needed a slip may be worn under any of the dresses. Be warned that when you layer silk, it can get very warm as silk can act like a thermal as well as a cooling agent.

Deciding to use silk for all four dresses was an easy decision to say the least. I love the diverse choices of silk that are available now and I believe we offer the very best variety!

img_0069The Antheia and Rhea dress are both made from a silk crepe de chine. Silk crepe de chine is best described as having a heavenly drape and feels as if butter is resting against your skin. It is a silk that is very durable and very luxurious.

Gaia and Juno are made from a double threaded silk called “dupioni”. It is the “cool cousin” to taffeta and is one of my favorite fabrics to work with. It is incredibly unique due to the nubbiness the double thread causes in the weaving and no six inches are the same! It has a much stiffer drape than the silk crepe de chine but is not heavy.

Both fabrics are totally unique. Due to the nature of the fabrics, this collection is dry clean only so as to keep the integrity of the fabrics.

I am so excited to be able to share this with you all!